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For more information regarding the Korefill products that Eco Home Insulation install please download attached Brochure.
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Bonded Beads
The beads are a closed cell structure so it will not absorb water by capillary action. Water which penetrates the outer leaf of the cavity wall drain, down the cavity face of the outer leaf. This is demonstrated as follows.
Bonded Bead
Beads can only touch each other at one point and because water will take the easiest route. It does which is down and not across
KORE Fill is a bonded bead, complete cavity wall fill insulation system for application in new and existing buildings.
KORE Fill is expanded polystyrene injected in bead form into a cavity to form an insulating mass. The bead solidifies in the cavity as it is injected along with a special bonding agent. This insulating mass significantly reduces thermal transmittance across the cavity. Filling the cavity completely with KORE Fill will not diminish the original function of the cavity. The cavity will still be able to breath, the bead will not absorb water and will not allow the transfer of water across the cavity to the inner leaf.
KORE Advantages
Cavity Walls Properrties
Excellent thermal performance, immediate energy saving results, specialist insulation installers, complete insulation fill every time, concrete construction benefits.
The bead and bonding agent is injected, through drill holes, into the cavity using specifically designed equipment. The material packs to a uniform density inside the cavity. Once the proper drilling pattern and injection sequence is followed the cavity will be completely filled.

Installation of the KORE Fill Cavity Wall Insulation must only be carried out by Airpacks Ltd or by our approved Installers. For details of your local installer please contact Airpacks Ltd.
Cavity Walls
New Building Energy Rating

Iab CertThis Certificate relates to KOREFill Cavity Wall Insulation. The bonded bead is an expanded polystyrene material which is injected in bead form with a binding agent into the cavity walls.
It is used to reduce the thermal transmittance of completed, new or existing cavity walls with masonry inner and outer leaves. This Certificate certifies compliance with the requirements of the Building Regulations 1997 to 2006.
The product is used for the thermal insulation of new or existing masonry walls up to 12 meters in height, subject to the conditions contained in Part 3 of this Certificate. It also facilitates the control of surface and interstitial condensation in walls. The current Building Regulations requirements can be met with this product
Download the IAB Brochure
For more information on the IAB Certificates, please download the IAB Brochure.
Download IAB BrochureDownload the IAB Brochure
Frequently asked Questions
What is KORE Fill?
KORE Fill is a bonded bead, complete cavity wall fill insulation system for application in new and existing buildings. KORE Fill is expanded polystyrene and special bonding agent injected in bead form into a cavity to form an insulating mass.
Who Installs the KORE Fill Bead?
Only fully trained KORE Fill installers may install the product. Each KORE Fill installer is registered with the Irish Agrément Board (IAB) and undergoes continuous monitoring by both Airpacks Ltd and the IAB. Eco Home Insulation is registered with IAB and is also monitored by Airpacks Ltd
How is the Insulation Installed into the Cavity?
For existing buildings KORE Fill is installed from the outside of the building through drill holes. Upon completion the installer will fill the holes. For new buildings the KORE Fill is installed from the inside of the building once the building has been sealed from the elements.
If the Cavity is Filled what Prevents Moisture Movement?
The natural matrix formed by the bead means that moisture that penetrates the outer leaf will not travel through the cavity to the inner leaf. The water by natural gravity will flow to the weep holes at the bottom of the cavity. The bead bond together in a honeycomb type formation allowing air to circulate and the cavity to breath.
Can KORE Fill be Installed in Every Cavity?
In general once there is a 40mm cavity KORE Fill can be installed. Each installer will assess every potential project for suitability.
Is KORE Fill Suitable for Installation in Semi-Detached Houses?
Yes, your installer will insert a special brush during installation to prevent bead from entering the neighboring wall. The brush is removed when the bead solidifies.
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